Digital Data Cube Framework

Do you use third party products, ORM frameworks, etc. to support of your database application development? If so, you will be familiar with the moment when with certain project size you start struggling with numerous problems you had no idea about at the beginning. The bigger your project becomes, the more limited and bound by the initial rules you feel. You feel you have reached deadlock. When you get into such a situation, you tend do solve the problems by non-standard implementation. Your originally ideal concept starts falling apart, you lose score over the consistence of the source code and control over the project, as well as control over the budget for development, which has been exceeded a long time ago anyway.

In that case it is necessary to find alternative solutions. One of the solutions that can solve such issues is the Digital Data Cube© Framework, which offers much more.

Digital Data Cube© Framework (further just DDCF) was created based on many years of experience with database applications development, because using both ORM frameworks and Entity Framework did not lead to the desired results of the development cycle simplification. DDCF is a system solution designated to be at the core of the development of extensive database systems, where the protection of saved data and sophisticated way of changing them play an important part.

DDCF is based on the definition of basic premises:

  1. The database applications are running in a multiuser environment
  2. Processed results are out-dated when returned to the client by the database server
  3. Data saved in the database reflect reality and can gain various values in time
  4. Entry changes must (can) be approved or declined
  5. The application can draw data from any data source without having to change the source code

Sticking to the original idea allowed the development of conceptual solutions, which give the developers of database applications options that are not available in other systems (ORM etc.). Your database applications build on the Digital Data Cube© Framework can:

  • Work with any database without having to change the application’s source code
  • Connect to data sources through both VPN or web services
  • Store complete history of any entry changes
  • Recall current data linked to any past day in the same way as it was saved
  • Chose lists created, modified or removed in a given time frame
  • Monitor changes made in the database
  • Approve or decline changes for up to 49 levels
  • Identify the user that changed the entry (maker) or approved the change (checker)
  • Secure data rewriting protection in a multiuser environment
  • Remove entries that are no longer needed and renew them back to the original form if required
  • Save and process data simultaneously in a so-called multilingual regime
  • Be independent of the number of languages in which the entries are simultaneously saved
  • Add binary attachments to all entries in the database

Using the DDCF you can not only create any database application with the features stated above, you can also reduce the time frame and achieve significant savings on the development budget.

If you are interested we can show you the whole system and train your development team. We are happy to answer any questions so please do not hesitate to contact us and request more detailed information as well as the price list.