DDC Framework – schema

Digital Data Cube Framework contains 4 main assemblies and their scheme is shown on the picture: Schema of DDCF

1. System Support (DDCSystemSupport.dll)

Basic independent assembly, which provides a range of methods to the other assemblies, e.g. for file operations I/O, (de)serialisation and (de)compression of objects, logging etc.

2. System Objects (DDCSystemObjects.dll)

References: DDCSystemSupport.dll

Defines the basic inheritance predecessors, data transfer applicants, basic events and functionality of the whole framework. It offers base classes for requested data provider deduction, including the provider of web services. It contains a real provider (DataProviderMsSql) of access into the databases MSSQL (2005+).

3. Data Access Layer (DDCDataAccessLayer.dll)

References: DDCSystemSupport.dll, DDCSystemObjects.dll

Secures the communication with data sources. It provides basic connection to both VPN and WebServices, sends requests of data to a chosen data source and returns the obtained data.

4. Verify Control System (DDCVerifyControlSystem.dll)

References: DDCSystemSupport.dll, DDCSystemObjects.dll

Defines the basic hierarchy of abstract classes. It implements the basic functional and control behaviour mechanisms (history, maker – checker, confirmation etc.). It is the source from which all the client application classes are derived (inherited). That way they gain the required funkcionality without the need for further development.