If you are cconsidering buying or trying one of our products it means that you are looking for quality, innovative solutions, perfection and style, which you have just found. We are happy to introduce you to our solutions.

We are the leaders in the development of innovative technologies in the database systems industry. We specialize in the development of the Digital Data Cube© Framework and provide training for developers, data modelling, analysis and design of data models. For the investors we offer consultations and opponencies of the supplied database solutions.

The flagship product of the group is the Digital Data Cube© Framework, which is a synonym for innovative solutions in the field of extensive database systems development – complex solutions for simple development with high added value. It is our own product, used as a base for the development of extensive database systems with a high security of the saved data and a sophisticated way of changing them. Its implementation makes the work significantly more effective. It standardizes the source code, minimises the error rate, speeds up the final application development and seriously lowers the development costs. Digital Data Cube© Framework implements outstanding usable features that you will not find within other systems.

Another important product is Enterprise Inspection Manager©. This is an extensive database system built on the Digital Data Cube© Framework core. It is focused on device evidence and management and revisions management of dedicated technical devices (VTZ), controls and calibrations. The Enterprise Inspection Manager© system demonstrates the Digital Data Cube© Framework possibilities in practice.